• Implant system
  • Pre-formed prosthetic solutions
  • Cad-Cam prosthetic solutions
  • 3D implant planning software
  • Non-invasive surgery tools
  • Surgical instruments
  • Bone and tissue regeneration material
  • Socket Preservation
  • Surgical sutures
  • Radiology systems

TECHNICAL FEATURES of the dental implants

  • SLA-SH® implant surface

Osseointegration 6/8 weeks. The reduction of osseointegration time drastically reduces the possibility of failures that would create inconvenience for patients and bad publicity for the surgeon.

  • Conical connection between implant and abutment

The conical connection allows for a seal between the two components (implant and abutment) which prevents bacterial infiltration, micro movements, unscrewing and breakage of passing screws. All this leads to the maintenance of the marginal bone which, therefore, guarantees excellent aesthetics over time.

  • Conical implant morphology

It allows an easier implant insertion and an excellent stability thanks to a strongly retentive coil, and an apex that reduces the possibility of complications.

  • Platform Switching

It allows us to have a mucous seal to further protect the connection and, therefore, it helps to further reduce the problems of bacterial infiltration.