1. Information and direct sales to dentists and dental technicians by specialized agents.
  2. Personalized commercial offers in compliance with a common commercial policy that protects customers and the company.
  3. Training through the organization of activities: events, courses, study groups with the aim of increasing the clinical and professional level in general.
  4. Acquisition of visibility for aspiring Opinion Leaders in the area of competence.
  5. Assistance for dentists and dental technicians.
  6. Coaching in the early stages of approach to our implant system and to our products.
  7. A continuous Global Consultancy on the products (surgical and prosthetic consultancy).
  8. Replacement of purchased products that are compliant with company procedures, in order to promote the faster the flow of the sale.
  9. Drafting and sharing of the clinical project (surgical and prosthetic treatment plan).
  10. Cost analysis related to a clinical treatment and justification of price quotation to the patient.
  11. Management and solution of critical issues from the order to the delivery of the goods.
  12. COMMUNICATION & MARKETING support both for a correct launch of the supplied goods and for the re-launch of the clinic on the market.